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Should you have karaoke at your event?

Karaoke is a great addition to make any party a bit more unique!  Sometimes you never really know who can sing until karaoke is brought out.  It can also be a great fit for a crowd who are not the type to dance endless hours on the dance floor.  Four wireless microphones will be provided so any solo to quartet may be accommodated.  There is no need for a song book because we have several terabytes of karaoke tracks that will fit any type of event!  


Karaoke Package

The karaoke package includes 4 wireless mics and a TV to display lyrics on screen.


Client Provides Screen

Karaoke package including 4 wireless mics and the client is to provide the TV/Screen (must be within 20 ft of the DJ)

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Karaoke /w Visual Package

Includes 4 wireless mics paired with the visual package (2 TVs) to display lyrics on screen

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